Parents for Juvenile Justice (Genesis Calderon)

This Mellon Project was a fusion of the vision of Ubuntu Village as a parent advocacy organization and my own knowledge of sociolinguistic impact in the world. Ubuntu Village works within the Black community in New Orleans to empower and capacitate families affected by the Juvenile Justice System.

In this project a small group of 6 parents and family members met to create a short video explaining key legal terms that will be freely available to new families seeking more information on the Juvenile Justice System. The production of this video weaves together various strands of participatory and inclusionary work. In formulating questions, meeting with court stakeholders, and putting together the script, parents were able to direct the focus and attention given to their perspectives on the juvenile justice system. An expressed goal of Ubuntu is to aid in parent organizing – this project added to the foundation of the organization by giving our parent-team the opportunity and space to learn together, relying on each-other to help put materials together.
The final products will be a short video, infograph outlining a map of the court system, and an op-ed piece published in one of the local newspapers.