Tulane Mellon Fellows

Tulane Mellon Fellows 2019-2021 

Queen Cherice Nelson; Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame and Big Queen of the Guardians of the Flame Mardi Gras Indians
Paul Colombo; Professor of Psychology
Dara Bramson; Ph.D. Student, Aging Studies 
Lillian Lombera; MA Student, Center for Latin American Studies
LaTasha Bundy; MFA Student

Angela Davis; Project Ishmael and Hagar’s Home
Justin Wolfe; Professor of History
Carolina Helena Timoteo de Oliveira; Ph.D. Student, Center for Latin American Studies
Celine Eschenbrenner; Ph.D. Student, Cultural and Social Anthropology
Shao-Yun Chang; Ph.D. Student, Cultural and Social Anthropology 

Wood (Frederick Delahoussaye); Artist in Residence and Artistic Director for the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, Lead Artist for Junebug Productions’ Homecoming Project
Cordula Roser; Professor of Architecture 
Laura Nieves; Ph.D. Student, Cultural and Social Anthropology
Donovan Cleckley; MA Student, English Department

Asali Devan Ecclesiastes; Ashé Cultural Arts Center ED, Director, Strategic Neighborhood Development, and New Orleans Business Alliance
Chris Oliver; Professor of Sociology 
Michael Gutiérrez; Ph.D. Student, History Department
Sarah Singh; Ph.D. Student, History Department
Jarrod Wall; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture and Community Program


Tulane Mellon Fellows 2018-2020 

Qasim Davis; Director of Teacher Pipeline and Recruitment, New Schools for New Orleans
Andy Horowitz; Assistant Professor, History
Curtis Davis; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture, Community (Social Work)
Rachel Brown; Ph.D. Student, History
Megan Flattley; Ph.D. Student, Art History & Latin American Studies
Ruth Idakula; Director, Center for Ethical Living & Social Justice Renewal  
Jordan Karubian; Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology  
Japhet Onaolapo Ajani; Ph.D. Student, Linguistics
Ruben Francisco Forte; MA Student, Latin American Studies
Maura Sullivan; Ph.D. Student, Linguistics

Aminisha Ferdinand; Teaching Artist, KID smart
Adrian Anagnost; Assistant Professor, Art History
Juliana Kasumu: MFA Student, Studio Art
Mohamad Amine Belkhouch; MA Student, Music
Sarah Reynolds; Ph.D. Student, Anthropology
Wade Rathke; Founder and Chief Organizer, ACORN International
Judith Maxwell; Professor, Anthropology & Linguistics
Jack Bohannon; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture, Community (Sociology)
Chloe Tucker; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture, Community (Sociology)
Daniel Hanson Dzah; Ph.D. Student, Philosophy


Tulane Mellon Fellows 2017-2019 

Lauren Turner; Artistic Director, No Dream Deferred
Holly Flora; Associate Professor, Art History & Assistant Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Kirsty Escalante; Ph.D. Student, Anthropology; Asociación Forestal Integral San Andrés Petén
Chris Givens; MFA Student, Theater; 614 Gravier Theatre
April Goltz; MA Student, Music; Dance Quarter
Dee Dee Green; Regional Director, American Friends Service Committee
Laura Rosanne Adderley; Associate Professor, History
Sedrick Miles; Ph.D. Student, Latin American Studies; Bahia Streets, Brazil 
Ana Maria Lopez Caldwell; Ph.D. Student, Latin American Studies; The Immigrant Youth Empowerment Forum 
Theo Hilton; Ph.D. Student, Anthropology; Jane Place Neighbor Sustainability Initiative
Nia Weeks; Director, Citizen She
Justin Wolfe; Associate Professor, History
Jenn Miller Scarnato; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture, and Community; Puentes New Orleans
Arianna King; City, Ph.D. Student, Culture, and Community; Neighborhood Story Project
Sarah Kington; Ph.D. Student, City, Culture, and Community; Birthmark Doula Collective
Ernest Johnson; Executive Director, Ubuntu Village
Janan Jayawickramarajah; Professor, Chemistry
Taofeeq Adebayo; Ph.D. Student, Linguistics; Collaborating with Nigerian graduate students and teachers to translate a science textbook into Yoruba
Caleb Smith; Ph.D. Student, History; Ashe Cultural Arts Center
Genesis Calderon; Ph.D. Student, Linguistics; Ubuntu Village