Cultivating New Orleans’ Performance Communities with Beaubourg (Chris Givens)

The Beaubourg Theater is a young arts organization and venue centrally located at 614 Gravier Street in downtown New Orleans. Beaubourg aspires to be a site where the range of performance work being created in all corners of the city can converge and cross-pollinate. A main goal of its mission is to actively foster the creation of new work by emerging artists in the city and offer a platform for a variety of voices. Support from the Mellon Program has helped facilitate the launching of a new artist-in-residence program which will be an invaluable addition to the creative opportunities currently available for local performance artists. This program supports a variety of artistic research activities from dance to theatre and beyond, offering a month of rehearsal space, a project award, peer dialogue, professional mentorship, and the opportunity to give a public showing at the venue. Along with this program, a new free class and workshop series will provide a stipend to local teachers who specialize in movement, voice, acting, dance, and other areas of arts education. These free classes will occur regularly throughout the Fall of 2019 at Beaubourg and be open to everyone. With these programs, we hope to strengthen existing creative communities and facilitate new collaborations and experiments across diverse backgrounds, abilities, interests and disciplines.

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